Beaver Towers (#1)

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The first in the Beaver Towers series.

The evil witch Oyin has returned to Beaver Towers with one aim, revenge. She has tried to destroy Philip with earth, air and fire. Now she uses her last and most dangerous means of attack, water. Philip must head for the sea as his friend is in danger. He has dared to defy Oyin once but this time she is waiting for him.

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What Nigel says:

Beaver Towers started when I was thinking about how I could get a young boy on an island where he could find the kind of dangers and magic and excitement that you don’t usually meet in ordinary life. Somebody happened to mention kites to me and I came up with the idea that Philip is carried across the sea on his kite. There he finds that the island is being taken over by monsters called the Growlers who are capturing the animals and planning to kill them. Philip had to try and save the animals including the wise, old, magical beaver Mr Edgar and his little grandson Baby B.

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