Buddy’s Blues

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The third book in the trilogy about Buddy Clark. Buddy’s band, “The Bosses”, have had one big hit and they are on the brink of even bigger success when drugs, jealousy and an accident suddenly split them apart. At the same time, Buddy’s complicated love life is a total mess. His dad believes that a holiday to visit Elvis’ home, Graceland, will take his mind off things. In the musical heartland of the USA Buddy rediscovers his talent for writing and singing and he also finds true love. Life is great. But what else does Fate have in store?

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What Nigel says:

One day I was in a swimming pool and saw an old man trying to teach his young granddaughter how to swim. I don’t know why, but this made me think about Terry. Would he make a better job of looking after a grandchild than he had made of looking after Buddy?

At the same time, the film of Buddy’s Song had been released and one of the songs from it was a number one hit. So I also wanted to write about Buddy as a singer who has a recording career. I combined the two ideas and came up with Buddy’s Blues.

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