Buddy’s Song

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The sequel to Buddy. When Buddy picks up a guitar and records some songs for his dad in prison he discovers that music gives him excitement, happiness and a way of expressing his emotions. Above all, there’s the chance to dream – of girls, friends and a happy future. But his dad has even bigger and wilder dreams for his son’s music career; dreams that could go out of control and threaten everything that Buddy wants.

The book that inspired the hit 1991 movie Buddy’s Song, starring Chesney Hawkes.

What Nigel says:

While I was watching the filming of the BBC TV series of Buddy, I asked the set designer why he’d put an old guitar in Buddy’s bedroom. He explained that he thought Terry might have bought Buddy a guitar; Buddy would have tried to play it and then given up and left it to gather dust in his room. I thought this was terrific thinking on the part of the set designer. Suddenly it occurred to me that when Terry went to prison Buddy would probably learn to play the guitar and send a tape to cheer his dad up. It was the start of Buddy’s Song.

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