Collision Course

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When Ray sees a motorbike with its engine running he can’t resist the temptation. He’s not a thief, he’s an ordinary kid – it’s just a joy ride, a moment of madness, a joke. But on a dark road he crashes and kills an old woman. No one sees the accident, there is nothing to link Ray to the death, so he runs. But he can’t run away from the memory of what he has done. He tries to get on with life – there is the excitement of being in the football team and of falling in love for the first time, but all the while he fears that the police are closing in.

What Nigel says:

Collision Course was my first book. I wrote it initially as a story to read to a class I was teaching. We had been reading a boring book and when I criticised it they challenged me to try to write something more interesting. I realised I needed to catch their attention with a dramatic story and I came up with the idea of an ordinary boy – like the boys in that class – who does a crazy thing: steals a motorbike then has an accident and kills someone.

I read the story to my class and they loved it and encouraged me to try and get it published.

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