Out of the Darkness

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Leila and Liam are born at the same moment, but thousands of miles apart. Liam is unloved and neglected and his life is filled with trouble while Leila grows up treasured and protected. But their fates are linked and when they finally meet, the mysterious Leila is in great danger. Only the street-wise Liam can help Leila fulfil her destiny and play the part for which she was born. A fast moving and powerful adventure.

What Nigel says:

I liked the idea of writing a story about some young people on the run across Europe.

I began to work out the characters and came up with Liam and Leila who are born at exactly the same moment in different continents and to entirely different backgrounds.

When I figured out that Leila has some special gifts that make her dangerous to certain people, I suddenly saw how she would need Liam’s help.

Out of the Darkness is their story. It’s full of adventure but it’s also a book which tries to look at the whole question of what life is about.

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