The Finders

NH The Finders

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When Rosie is given a parcel to post by a kindly old man she can’t possibly guess that he is really an evil Djinn. The parcel contains the Djinn Star and it can change whoever has it, giving them extraordinary powers but also making them evil. She is captured by the Finders who are searching for the Djinn and they try to help her find him and return the parcel before it’s too late. It’s a race against time. A magical story filled with suspense, humour and danger.

Winner of the Federation of Children’s Book Groups Award 1994.

What Nigel says:

I started thinking about the story which became The Finders when a couple of old ladies who I liked a lot suddenly turned out to be saying things behind my back. I thought how, sometimes, there is a big difference between the “front” people show and what they are really like.

I imagined an apparently nice old man who is really an evil person. I thought about him trying to trick a young girl who has to be rescued by The Finders.

As for those two old ladies, I got my revenge by turning them into the wicked Miss Kittie and Miss Rooke!

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